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Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll Free Number. Our system also has the power to start an interactive session with your customer by integrating our different API's (SMS, 2 Way Messaging, Voice, Email, Call Back, Call Conference etc..)

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Connect to your customers by just one missed call. You can select a missed call number of your choice from our list. Your customer will give a missed call to this number to contact you. All the missed calls to this number will be captured and can be monitored in the online dashboard.

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Benefits of Missed Call Services

  • You will be provided with an online panel to configure your number.
  • You can do a number of things in parallel when a missed call is received like send an auto reply SMS to the caller, send email or SMS notification to yourself.
  • Integrate your CRM.
  • You can use website using a webhook,set various limits.
  • You can send email or sms notification to yourself.
  • Missed-Call Features

    We have made Missed-Call Features very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

    Auto reply SMS are the pre automated SMS that your customers will receive whenever they will give a missed call to your number. You can customize the reply to give more personalized feel to the customers.

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    You can even send a pre recorded voice clip to the customers as a reply who has given a missed call to your number. Make callers aware of your brand with Missed call Service.

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    You can also play an automated IVR as a reply whenever customer gives you a missed call. It acts as a virtual receptionist by providing them the required information.

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    Your leads will automatically get distributed equally among your agents. Suppose you have 5 agents and you get 50 missed calls from customers than 10 customers will be assigned to each agent. .......................Read More

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    Greet your callers with a customized corporate jingle, pre-recorded voice message or caller tune. Update your message or tune whenever you want to. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage.

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    Know exactly how your team is performing over phone calls. Get a detailed daily report with call statistics for your company and individual agents as well as groups. through our user friendly & powerful platform. .....................Read More

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    Easily set up and manage filters on callers like prioritizing the calls or limit the number of calls from the particular customer.

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    We provide you push and pull HTTP APIs. As we receive a call, the system will push this number to your server. You also have option to fetch our number any time via simple HTTP API's. through our user friendly & powerful platform.

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    There is no limit on the number of missed call you will receive on your number therfore it can be used for voting campaigns, customer feedbacks etc.

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    The lead management system is the prominent tool for generating sales for the market; it is helpful in enhancing your business standards and attracting the target audience. The lead management system is a perfect system for analyzing your marketing campaign effectively. .....................Read More

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    Click-to-call refers to the ability to make a call by just a click on a number displays over your screen and can call in the company right then. .......................Read More

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    A vanity number is a local or toll-free telephone number for which a subscriber requests an easily remembered sequence of numbers for marketing purposes. You can choose your vanity number from the list provided by us. .....................Read More

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    You can send SMS to lakhs of your targeted customers in just one click at the same time from the user friendly panel provided by us.You can send voice calls to lakhs of your targeted customers in just one click at the same time from the user friendly panel provided by us.

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  • Rs.999/Month

    Missed-Call Use Cases

    In case of an inbound Call Center, an IVR is added to a call queue that connects callers with sales or support agents. This is a typical scenario for insurance/banking/financial services/utilities companies which offer customer services in various languages. Once the connection is made, the IVR invites the caller to choose a language, then to select the service they want. Eventually, the call is moved to a queue where agents respond in the language selected by the caller. Optionally, the call may be recorded by the queue.

    The term 'Verification' plays a key part in the online and offline business. It is crucial for the businesses to verify their users and the action made by them. Missed call for verification can be the convenient and best option to verify all such things. This will also ensure only quality visitors/prospects are landing up on your business. Missed call for verification can be used for multiple level of verification. Here, all you need to do is to integrate your miss call number at the neck of your verification process.

    Sometimes, customers can use the IVR to send utilities companies (water, electricity, gas, etc.) specific information about their consumption rate. This can be done very easily: the customer calls the IVR, provides their customer ID, and enters the counter readings for the gas consumption in the current month using the phone keypad. The value is stored in a database, compared with the last month reading and the difference is used to generate the invoice for the current month consumption. The entire process is done automatically, without any human operator intervention.

    IVR applications are used in the freight/transportation industry to confirm the delivery of goods/packages to their destination. Upon delivery, the freighter dials the IVR number, performs a PIN-based authentication, and confirms the status delivery of the package by entering the transport ID or airway bill (AWB) using the phone keypad. The number is stored into a database and the transport is confirmed. Based on this transport status, other processes on the workflow can be triggered.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Got Any Questions? Read Here! Before You Contact Us. ...

    CloudShope is a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud telephony solutions. We work only with businesses and focus all our resources on providing custom solutions that fit perfectly with each company's unique communication needs, making traditional phone systems and service obsolete.

    No, we do not charge any setup fee for missed call alert services. We charge only for the plan you select.

    Your unique dedicated Toll Free missed call number is called channel or channelid in technical terms.

    We require mobile for authentication and security purposes. Thus, your network operator will not charge you anything. We also send your login password post registration on your mobile.

    The cost of plan depends upon the type of plan you select. Details of our plans and offers are available at Pricing Page

    The validity of your Toll-Free-Number depends upon the plan you purchase. You can always increase validity of your plan at any point of time before expiry.

    No, there are no monthly rental charges for your Toll Free number. However, there is a validity attached to each plan.

    Depending upon your requirements, you can select and purchase any amount of Toll Free miss call Numbers.We also recommend exploring our reseller plans for bulk purchases.

    We understand the term ‘liberty’ and hence, do not bind our client to use our services for any said period of time. You can stop using our services whenever you wish to do so. To do so, you need to drop a mail at support@cloudshope.in informing us about your unwillingness to continue your account.

    Special attention is given to the security aspects. Our website is SSL enabled. Apart from this we do not share your information with any third party as per our privacy policy. Also, we keep on updating our website-security from time to time.

    We provide online web interface to monitor and record the response of your online campaign in real time along with GEO-Location of the caller(s). You can also configure your account settings to get a carbon copy of your missed call number information to your email ID or mobile phone.

    Yes, we have a dedicated in-house team to look after all your technical issues. For Technical support write us at support@cloudshope.in. We resolve every query and issue in shortest possible time. However in certain circumstances we need to depend on telecom resources provided by third party Telecom Operator to resolve any network related issue.

    Yes, there is a facility provided in the Activity Settings to send reply SMS after any missed call received on your toll free number.

    It depends upon the type of plan you select. However, you can alway purchase additional missed call credits as add-on, in case you run out of credits in the middle of any campaign.

    Yes, cloudshope is capable of handling high volume responses on its distributed telephony architecture.

    Yes, in the back end control panel, you can have entire information about the missed calls you received along with Geo-Location of the caller(s).

    Your existing plan can be renewed from your ‘user dashboard’. You will find an option to renew the plan there.You will find an option to renew the plan there. The charges and validity will be same as the running plan.

    Yes, we have our own SPAM fileter algorithm in place. Apart form this, individual campaings can also be configured for custom SPAM rules from Settings menu.

    Yes, we have an option for very extensive black-list configuration settings.Entire cirle or specific operator in a particular circle can be configured as black-list.An individual number can also be configured in black-list settings.

    Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at support@cloudshope.com. We will be happy to serve you better.