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What is a Call Masking?

Call Masking enables businesses to carry out their customer communications (calls, SMS) over the internet, without the need for an on-prem PBX phone system. It is easier to set up and maintain, cost-efficient and gives businesses more control and visibility into their operations.

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How It Works

Guide your customers to resolve their queries faster.

how it works

Driver/Executive gets assigned to a customer

Clicking on the ‘call customer’ button in the app, automatically makes a call to Cloudshope’s virtual number.

Customer facing

Cloudshope reaches your server

Cloudshope pings your server with the driver’s/ executive’s details. Your server returns the corresponding customer’s number

Customise the call

Cloudshope Dials Customer Number

Cloudshope’ connects the assigned executive to the respective customer

flow in dashboard

Customer Number Masked

Customer/passenger numbers are masked from drivers/executives as virtual number acts as a bridge between the parties

Advantages of Call Masking

Ensure Customer Privacy

Give your customers the luxury of privacy by our call masking technology.

In-platform Transactions

Call masking is also the best way to avoid off-platform transactions thereby allowing you to monetize better

Track & Analyse

Track, record and analyse all your customer conversations to gain insights in real-time

Cost Effective

Call your customers without depleting your employees’ mobile balance. Connecting them via Cloudshope is more cost efficient

How Businesses use Call Masking

We serve these services for betterment of your business

Managing Vendor & Buyer Conversations

For a marketplace, it’s critical to track and manage all the leads. It’s also important to prevent conversations from going off the platform. Number masking for communication can greatly help you achieve both.

Auto Dialer
Driver and Customer Communication

Using number masking ensures that customer information is not shared with the drivers. This helps in protecting the customer’s privacy and to prevent misuse of sensitive data.

Unlimited Channels
Last-mile Delivery Tracking

Phone number masking feature allows the delivery agent to reach the customer over a call in case they need to without having access to their phone number.

call-masking call-masking call-masking

How Businesses Use Our Call Masking Services

Take a glimpse of how business use Cloudshope’s services to touch lives on a day to day basis.

Industries That Uses Call Masking Service

Cab & Bike Aggregators

Using Number Masking, companies ensure that sensitive customer information is not shared with drivers. This adds to the safety of the passenger when traveling.

Auto Dialer

It’s crucial to use number masking for lead tracking and prevent conversations to move out of the platform. So, what are you thinking? Take leverage of these services with Cloudshope.

Unlimited Channels
Ecommerce, 3PL and Food Delivery

Number masking allows delivery agents to connect with customers without revealing contact details. This is enables companies to safeguard customer privacy and be compliant with the PDPA and other similar laws.

Most Innovative Companies Use Cloudshope

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Mobile Number Masking

Mobile numbers have become a person's identity. The onus is on businesses to ensure that the privacy of their customers is protected.

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The Cloudshope Advantages

Why Cloudshope is considered as the most reliable cloud communications company in India and Southeast Asia

Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Patented Solutions

Gain competitive advantage from patented products

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Best Support

18×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

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