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What is a Interactive Voice Response?

AN IVR is a technology design that takes user input via mobile keypad and generates an interactive pre-recorded response to it. It gives the user the comfort of 1-1 interaction with no wait time. It makes your customer care number available 24X7 where computer is always ready to greet your customers and transfer the call to you in your working hours.

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How do businesses use IVR?

IVRs help businesses by creating a comfortable interactive environment for the users.

Improve efficiency

Automating your calls via an IVR system not only helps in streamlining your processes but also provides your staff the freedom to focus on other more important activities.

Automated checking for order status

Tracking orders is easier than ever with the new IVR technology. Customers can track their orders in two easy steps - by calling the provided contact number and punching in their user ID.

Better customer experience

Our IVR system comes with a smart feature that helps in better matching of customers with related domain experts. This helps in providing a customized user experience for each of our customers.

Easy updates

The easy update method is frequently used by a large number of online platforms for the payment of services availed online such as booking movie tickets, ordering home delivery, etc.

Cash on delivery verification

Providing cash on delivery without order verification can lead to huge expenses for the company. Most sites have switched to a simple IVR system for order verification

For local language interaction

Language inclusivity is one of the most selling features of an IVR system. Customers from different regions can get the same support without worring about language barriers.

Be available after hours

In case your company does not have a 24*7 customer support, you can set up an IVR system to respond to calls received during hours of unavailability.

Gather feedback

IVR systems are excellent tools for gathering feedback. It’s quick and interactive and improves the customer experience while also saving the regular staff from repetitive tasks.


The IVR systems can be tailored to every customer, making them feel more relevant. The welcome greeting can be changed to a shorter message for later calls

Type Of IVR

Single-level IVR

This IVR is perfect for cases that can generate a response on the basis of one single input. It is the simplest type of IVR which only adds one layer to your call flow.

Multi-level IVR

A nested IVR that streamlines the customer interaction by fragmenting a long list of input messages into smaller lists that can be managed better.

How It Works

A hassle-free process that guarantees immediate consumer attention in a few simple steps.


Customer dials a business phone number

The customer dials a business phone number either on your ad, website, or application.


They hear a greeting followed by prompts

The customer is asked for their DTMF input. Then they hear custom greetings.


The request gets processed.

For example, the customer gets connected to a support expert or gets the details of their account balance.

Why is an IVR number essential for your Business?

Smart call routing

IVR systems can be used to smartly route your calls in a time-based and team-based manner.

Sound professional

Every customer gets a prime user experience with a clear and concise welcome greeting.

Route calls with ease

Just dial press in a few keys to get directed to your desired channel.

Support remote working

Work in any region without worry with Cloudshope’s IVR Number.

Scale with ease

The Cloudshope’s IVR comes with a choice of adding/ removing agents at the click of a button. You can also use it to scale your calls without any worries!

Reports and analytics

Real-time agent-wise reporting and call analytics.

Savings Calculator for Interactive Voice Response

Consider a human receptionist answers 3000 calls a month, and is being paid a salary of Rs.20,000. Here is a representation of your savings potential if an IVR replaces a human

Calls Per Month


Monthly Cost for IVR ( fully automated IVR at ₹0.6p/min)


Monthly human receptionist cost


Your savings per month

Disclaimer: Extra charges applicable for toll free numbers

Disclaimer: Call rates vary based on volumes

Integrate our IVR system with both inbound and outbound calls

Inbound calls

Inbound IVR systems are largely in demand for customer support, order tracking, and related domains. They can be used to reroute the call to the right department, to send information via SMS, and more.

Outbound calls

IVRs can also be used for outbound calls, meaning that an automated message is played when the person on the other end responds. These messages can be used to accept input responses from the user. They are largely used for feedback systems and surveys.

Automate your business communication with Multi-level IVR number system

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What are you able to use IVR Automation for?

Large Scale Employment Drive

Large-scale hiring can be streamlined super easily with the help of IVR systems. These can be used to perform the initial screening of candidates, thus saving the efforts of the recruiting team to only focus on prime applications.

Customer Feedback

IVR is one of the most efficient techniques for collecting feedback. It gives the consumers the agency of language choices, while also saving the staff from repetitive tasks. You can make your business better by knowing what your customers want.

Surveys for Market Research

IVRs can be used to conduct efficient surveys with minimum efforts. You can survey a larger demographic in a short span of time with minimal human labor. A larger data set can then be used to establish better trends in purchase behavior throughout your demography.

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Why Cloudshope is considered as the most reliable cloud communications company in India and Southeast Asia

Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system

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Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

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Gain competitive advantage from patented products

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Best Support

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