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What is What is outbound IVR?

Inbound calls are incoming calls which come into a call centre from customers who want to discuss their requirement with an assistant. Generally IVR calls are related to customer support or service related enquiry, but it can also be sales or marketing calls on IVR number. Inbound call centres must have a team of call centre executives or agents who will answer every incoming call and help customers with their requirements and doubts asked by the caller. The inbound calls make agents work efficient and also gives 24*7 service support.

Inbound calls can be received through network and Sipline as well. On the other side,there are some call centres whose agents will do outbound calls on databases to get connected with potential leads and convert them on deals, typically they will do outbound call when they will miss any inbound call. This is usually to be done to sell a product or service from a company and generate sales


There are some Difference between Outbound and Inbound IVR. Now you people need to decide Inbound vs Outbound IVR: Which One Does Your Call Center Need?

a. SMS texting

b. Mobile app

c. Social media

d. E- mail

f. Webchat

g. Voice

Advantages of OUTBOUND IVR-

a. Cost reduction

b. Improvement in IVR containment

c. Saving agent time

d. Strong bonding with customer

f. Boost agent efficiency

g. Interactions that are personalised

So, an outbound IVR deals with thousands of calls to your customer database in just a few seconds. It provides valuable feedback from the customer, connects agents with the customers,gives instant notification to the agents through agent sms, modern type of marketing, and a customised voice message.In this blog we will learn more about What is Outbound IVR and how does it work?


How does Outbound IVR work ?

Outbound IVR connects with customers through a digital messaging channel or a voice, then gives different options to customers to route an agent, take action, or to gain information.

Below are the step by step breakdown of the process of outbound IVR -

1. It connects with the customers

To start the outbound IVR, the phone system connects the customer through a voice, sometimes also through a SMS , social media or mobile app.

2. IVR flow engages with customer

After connecting with the customer, the IVR flow initiates. Many types of softwares help the administrators to create the flow. They use call trees to make various menu options such as routing,dial - tone menu options, self service actions, call queues etc.


3.Gathering information of customer

IVR gathers information of the customers with the menu option selected by them.Customers use IVR to provide variety of information such as -

1. Language preference . 2. Identification and name. 3. His account number. 4. Password and PIN numbers. 5. To whom they would like to speak. 6. Yes or No to custom questions.

4. Providing Self- Service

In many cases, IVR can also deal with the needs of the customer through self -service functions or built in automations. It can provide information about a customer's account,can book an appointment, reset the password and pull out information from the knowledge base or CRM. -

5. Route the call

Ivr can deal with all the customer’s needs by using self -service automation, however it can also route the call to the operator,call queue or a live agent. The system also chooses where to route the calls based on many variables; language preference, agent availability,caller’s menu choices or agent skills. Using all these, IVR routes the call to the agent who is available. The agent takes the IVR transcript, and the job of outbound IVR is done.

So, now it's clear that What is outbound IVR and how does it work?


Outbound IVR is that type of strong tool that revolutionises business to communicate with their customers. Its ability to collect customer’s response, deliver tailored messages makes it a valuable asset in today’s world of competition in the business landscape. By understanding that What is outbound IVR and how does it work? Business can make best use of this technology to enhance service of the customer, gaining valuable insights, and improving operational efficiency. If you are looking at What is outbound IVR and how does it work? Cloudshope Technologies is the best platform , it is the only one with the best features in Outbound IVR . Cloudshope technologies pvt.ltd will give a free trial even before investing money in their services.

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