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CloudShope helps you to deliver professional and high quality customer and caller experience. Our cloud based call center solution ensures that the customer’s needs are satisfied throughout the customer lifecycle. A system software, that runs complete call center system.

Benefits of Call Center Solution

  • CloudShope CRM simplifies agent-customer interaction
  • Helps businesses increase productivity through increased cross-selling
  • Service customization, and customer retention.
  • Call-Center Solution

    We have made Call-Center Solution very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

    IVR stands for Interactive voice response and it is a cloud telephony solution. It acts as a virtual receptionist by introducing the customers to the company by giving them a brief introduction. through our user friendly & powerful platform.


    If you are using skills-based routing, your IVR assigns skill values to incoming queue calls so that calls can be sent to the most qualified agents. You define the skills that are assigned to agents for receiving routed calls.


    You can set up your IVR based on time. All calls after office hours can be forwarded to voicemail. All calls can be routed to various office locations based on time. The calls can be forwarded to your personal mobile phone after specified time.


    Call recording along IVR system is the ability to record a conversation, either system wide or by meeting some filter criteria e.g. an extension, a called number, a calling number or a line. For quality control and legal purposes, call recording can be initiated using an IVR command, particularly when the call is transferred and a two-way conversation is in progress.


    Missing a call means losing a potential customer or missing the opportunity to solve a customer’s problem. Stay informed about your business calls and serve your customers better. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage.


    A user friendly panel makes IVR easy than ever. It is 24/7 easy to connect support system where you can manage all your services any time you want. through our user friendly & powerful platform.


    The IVR solution integrated with the CRM is a Fully Engaged IVR CRM solution, which can be used to provide the more engaging services to the clients. Based on the available CRM data and user interaction, system will play more personalized IVR prompts.


    Our IVR system fits in every business type whether you have 1 agent to receive an incoming calls or unlimited; it can easily integrate in our system. Similarly you will get unlimited channels to receive a call. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage..


    Get all the real time notification in your panel. Our cloud telephony powerful analytics engine helps you understand what is happening to your business calls in real time.


  • Rs.999/Month

    How CloudShope Phone Number Can Help Your Business?

    Enable more customers to reach you with CloudShope incoming virtual receptionist number

    We often get calls from our prospects asking us how local phone number can help there business? There is a world of opportunity awaiting any business and there are no physical boundaries. Yes, that’s true you don’t need to have physical location everywhere you want your business to operate. CloudShope cloud telephony has unveiled the world of opportunity for all.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Got Any Questions? Read Here! Before You Contact Us. ...

    CloudShope is a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud telephony solutions. We work only with businesses and focus all our resources on providing custom solutions that fit perfectly with each company's unique communication needs, making traditional phone systems and service obsolete.

    CloudShope is very secure. We have taken many steps to insure you that your conversations are kept private.

    CloudShope provides you new number to receive calls. If you still want to use your existing number then you need to setup call forward of your number to CloudShope number.

    Simply call one of our sales staff and they will give you a number of options to suit your business needs.

    Yes, you may have your greetings professionally done and then loaded into your profile.

    • 1.No upfront capital expenditure

    • 2.Lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO)

    • 3.Easy Upgrades

    • 4.Better service delivery

    • 5.Easier to customize

    • 6.Better scalability

    • 7.Users more productive

    • 8.Easier to manage and administrate

    • 9.Instant access to innovative new business solutions and application

    Yes, you may have your greetings professionally done and then loaded into your profile.

    The answer is yes if you are ready to upgrade to a full-featured CloudShope system at this point.

    Outstanding! Literally crystal clear. Our service uses the most advanced systems and equipment in the industry, assuring the best voice quality available anywhere at any price.

    The answer is yes if you are ready to upgrade to a full-featured CloudShope system at this point.

    CloudShope makes sense for any business, but particularly those businesses that don't want the added headaches and management associated with on-premise hardware and software. Even companies with on-site IT staff have begun to see the benefits of on-demand or hosted applications such as CloudShope. Also, because CloudShope is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) it has no capital expenditures which makes it much more appealing to most businesses that don't want to spend on equipment that likely will be obsolete in just a few years. Smaller businesses love the big company image CloudShope provides through the automated Virtual Receptionist, and the features they would never be able to afford with traditional PBX systems.

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is part of a growing trend in business that eliminates many of the drawbacks to the installation, maintenance, and upgrades demanded by premise-based systems or software. SaaS has been perfected over the last few years to the point that it is a trusted, reliable, cost-effective alternative. CloudShope is a fully hosted service and manages all of the software and systems it takes to provide your business with rock-solid, dependable communications. No software to install, no upgrades to keep up with, no additional costs.

    Very little time (less than 10-15 minutes).

    Absolutely! CloudShope is the perfect solution for multiple offices and locations.