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What is Single level IVR System?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an incoming call on the respective IVR number by the customers. It functionally allows calls to be answered automatically with a custom recording.
Benefits ofSingle Level IVR system
1. Customers get a better experience, it helps the customers to get answers to their questions quickly.
2. Less errors of connection, whenever the customer give a call on the IVR they place their own transfer to the different departments
3. Satisfy customer’s needs, a Single level IVR systemcustomise the flow according to customer’s needs.
4. IVR in non - office hour, a customer can call at any time of the day or night, even if the agents are not available. A flow related to non- office hour play for that while.
5. Clear options, a Single level IVR systemmakes the options very clear using different extensions and agents available to receive the customer’s call and to deal according to their needs.
So, in simple terms a Single IVR systemhelps the customer to make the routing easier. Customers can make a choice through their phone’s keypad. Through this system, customers can connect a human being immediately, in case he is having any concern or any enquiry. It leads to the development of connections between the clients and the company, it give clients more and more offerings.
How does an IVR work?
A person can save both time and money by using the Single IVR system. An IVR system is set up through the Configuration feature in an IVR system. One can put different extensions for different departments.
Call flow design in IVR
Call flow design helps in drawing connections between the welcome greeting,agents, customers,and the audio played.

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Call flow design has the following options-


Whenever the customer gives a call on an IVR number, he listens to customized audio. This music helps the customers to keep the customers informed about the company. This audio helps to pass the business message.

B. SET up the IVR menu

This is the most important part of the IVR system. It can break or can make the IVR system experience as well as its efficiency. This is the step in which the customer press the keys according to his requirement and gets connected to different departments

C. Setting extensions and departments

The customer is offered an option to press the desired key for different options in the menu. For example, “ Press 1 for sales department, press 2 for support department, press 3 for HR, press 4 for Operations and renewal etc. The complete setup is done and connects with the respective audio which is to be played under the set up of IVR menu.

D - Adding timings

While setting up the IVR system one can easily set up the days and hours according to his/her requirement. For illustration, if a company office timing is 9 AM to 6 PM and working days are from Monday to Saturday, he/she can set different flows in office hour as well as in non- office hour and can edit the office hour timing.

E - Call design preview

After setting up the whole IVR system, a final look over the call flow set up is done to ensure the right time and right points, as well as the audio to be played for the overall effectiveness of the setup.


Different IVR service providers in India

In India,Single level IVR Service Provider is used in many companies, and is reaching heights day by day, as it leads to more and more connection with the customers. Many Single level IVR Service Providergives IVR solutions to the customers. Everywhere you can see, in every field of business, IVR found its usage in different means. An IVR Service provider reduce the wait periods, direct customers to the department they are interested.Cloudshope Technologies, Exotel, My operator, IVR guru, Ozonetel, CallHippo, Genesys, and Knowlarity etc, these are some IVR service provider in India.


Thus, we can conclude that a Single level IVR Service Provider needs a careful designing of an IVR flow, according to the needs of a customer. In this blog, we have checked broader aspects of an IVR system, its benefits, ways of setting and also different Single level IVR Service Providers.It helps to grow the business by making a good image, contributing customer satisfaction. If you are looking for an IVR solution for your business, then Cloudshope Technologies is the best platform.It is the only one who can give you the best features in IVR. Cloudshope Technologies Pvt.Ltd.will give a free trial even before investing money in their services.

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