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What is IVR for Making Campaign Sales

IVR System is a type of software which was created for managing inbound calls. This IVR system will work on the basis of voice recognition or dedicated extension pressing by customers on call. In this blog will explain 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales. IVR systems software don’t require any manpower to direct calls to dedicated persons and they save callers a lot of waiting time. Huge and small call centres both industries need IVR systems to be able to control their call volumes on their level.

Thanks to such service providers who are developing these 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales, with the help of IVR callers can quickly reach their required department or executive to whom they want to discuss within a minute and talk to the right person on the same call. IVR systems may work differently with different service providers, depending on a call network and requirement and its menu system but the use will remain the same for all..

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Although there are in the market many different IVR systems available nowadays, most of them are based on the same work with less features. For those who are running businesses there are 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales, callers dial the main number (which can be a virtual 10 digit number or toll-free number) and they will listen to pre-recorded welcome greetings of the same organisation. After this, many IVR flow will ask from caller to choose the preferred language as per their requirement. Then the caller listens to different menu options which are called 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales.For better understanding, the system may offer them to press “1” for sales and to press “2” for the support department. The caller responds, and the call gets automatically redirected to the required department or the agents.

A very important thing to remember is that7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales systems are not only for big enterprises, those people also can use those who have a startup or small business and team. Both big and small industries can use the 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales or marketing purposes. These systems are a very fruitful tool for inbound call centres as well as outbound call centres. Companies will also be able to increase their call pick up time, responding to queries as soon as possible.

Nowadays in the market there is one service provider who is providing Speech recognition and voice mail in 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales to streamline the entire incoming call process.


The benefits of the 7 Ways How IVR Systems Help Your Marketing Campaigns & Sales are not limited to efficient call transferring. There are several key features of IVR that can help business with your experience and deliver a seamless experience.

Generating leads for marketing campaigns

Cloudshope Technologies have so many features like auto reply SMS, auto reply whatsapp and voice call, survey calls, auto Click to call, you can also get notification feature where you will get multiple options like as an admin you can get whatsapp, SMS and Email notification for every incoming call. For example, after the IVR call, the executive or admin wants to take feedback from customers about the call so they can ask people to take a quick survey for the same.

If an agent wants to redirect that call to a different department they can do it by using the call transfer feature which cloudshope technologies provides IVR for Making Campaign and Sales.

Filter Out the Leads before passing it out to agents-

Thanks to the IVR system, you can easily evaluate and score your phone leads. Your IVRsystem can ask multiple questions and filter out your leads for a particular new campaign.

IVR systems are more effective because you can connect customer and sales agent immediately, IVR helps to build good relationship as it will be ready to take every calls 24*7.

Sending Notifications-

The IVR for Making Campaign and Sales enables you to less the number of confirmation and follow-up calls that you should make. Cloudshope technologies provides an option to apply max limit on every inbound call as well as providing an option to add any number in blacklist or in whitelist. After having the call with client agents can send sms notifications, whatsapp notifications or voice call notifications to their customers.

Final Thoughts-

IVR for Making Campaign and Sales can benefit business in many ways. They provide a simple way to connect with your existing and premium customers and save time. People can use IVR systems not only for notifications and customer service support but also to tracks their agents' performance and to increase the efficiency of their agents, to reduce manpower into the preferences of your callers and to take valuable and relevant feedback from them. IVR for Making Campaign and Saleshelp you to attract leads and qualify them. Cloudshope Technologies provides a web panel to their users from that panel all the incoming calls will get managed and call call will be recorded. They are providing 4 days of free trial so that people can easily understand and use it before investing in it. For more details please visit www.cloudshope.com

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